SEA NOVATION is the French Marine Innovation Accelerator. Our goal is to accelerate decarbonization of the Marine Leisure Industry, by developing Innovative Marine Solutions.

The XE-1™ is the first hydrofoiling bike in the World and the result of an 8 year Research and Development journey from Manta5 New-Zealand based company. 


Client's Requirements

Wether you are looking for a single or multiple purchase of units we are ready to supply you. Get in contact with us! 


We provide on demand product presentation and trainings taylored to your needs in order to get you up and running swiftly. Upon delivery of your bike you will receive a full set of manual along with tutorials on initial setup, maintenance (very little) and riding techniques.

Technical Support/Warranty

Our team is dedicated to providing an excellent Technical and Warranty Support Assitance, through your Hydrofoiling Experience. We can supply spares on request. The Warranty coverage starts from the date of delivery and extends for 2 years, on the Hydrofoiler frames and hydrofoils. 1-year warranty on the buoyancy modules, drivetrain components, including motors, gearboxes, driveshafts, propellers. 1-year warranty or 250 cycles, on the hydrofoiler battery pack. Full warranty details are included in the Owner's manual.​​